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Dandy Wedge #B12v

Some of our most popular comfort products are designed to make working in the office easier. Our most popular office product is our line of Dr Handy's Dandy Ergo Wedges. The Dandy Ergo Wedges are designed to raise your desktop equipment such as keyboards, telephones, calculators, and laptops up at a more ergonomic angle for viewing and comfort. Our patent pending Ridge Vent System (RVS) on Dr Handy's Dandy Ergo Wedge is designed to allow the heat from your electronics to flow out while the RVS creates a vortex that pulls cool air in. 

Dr Handy's Dandy C6v Wedge is the small wedge great for Small telephones.

Dr Handys' Dust Dustroyers 

Other office products such as our Dustroyers are designed to safely remove dust and lint from electronic equipment while reducing electrostatic buildup. Our design options are limitless.

Dandy Calculator Wedge #A9v

Dandy Wedge #C6v

Dr Handy's Most popular wedge is the D17V Wedge also called the keyboard wedge. It fit most standard computer keyboards. Even Fits Mac Keyboards. No more fighting broken tabs on your keyboards!

Office Products

Dr Handy's Dandy A9V Wedge is designed for large calculators and Telephones. It also works for holding papers up at a better angle for reading. The uses are endless. 

Dr Handy's Dandy B12 Wedge was designed for laptops and notebooks. The special ridge vend system is positioned where most heat vents are located to dissipate heat.

Dandy Keyboard Wedge #D17v