Dr Handys

The newest edition to our Sleep Solutions is our No Slip Daisy Grip line of gripping products. These amazing little products are small in size but have large gripping power. 

They are designed to keep your sheets from creeping up on your mattress and your mattress from sliding off your boxspring. The No Slip Daisy Grip comes in multiple sizes to fit your sleep surface needs. 

Another of our most commonly requested solutions is for help creating a more comfortable sleep solution. Products such as Sleepy Time Re-Aline All Purpose Pillow help position a side sleepers hips and legs in better alignment for optimum comfort. The multi-purpose design can be used for more than a dozen sleep and rest positions. The Sleepy Time Re-Aline pillow also includes our patent pending Ridge Vent System to increase air flow and reduce body heat buildup.

Sleepy Time ReAline